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Tunisia Faces Its Moment Of Truth

Al Jazeera


This is a country that inspired the Arab Spring in 2011. Thousands of disgruntled youths took to the streets denouncing government oppression. Their call for freedom soon galvanised the Arab world and in months four Arab leaders were deposed. It was seismic event.

For many it was the Arab Spring, for skeptics it was the era of Islamists and anarchy. (more…)

Egypt Joins International ‘Group Of Friends’ Against Torture

Egypt Daily News


The group seeks to facilitate the implementation of the international convention against torture.

Egypt has joined the Group of Friends of the Convention Against Torture Initiative, “an informal international forum to strengthen global efforts to eliminate the crime of torture”. (more…)

Kuwait Actively Participates In Human Rights Forum In Morocco


Moroccans from a human rights association hold Moroccan flags during a protest in the border area which separates Spain from Morocco in Nador

Member of the Human Rights Committee in the Kuwaiti parliament Dr. Hmoud Al-Hamdan and member of the Committee on Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs National asserted here on Sunday success of the Kuwaiti participation in the work of the Second World Human Rights Forum through the presence of the Kuwaiti MPs and their contribution to the debate, dialogue and suggestions in a number of workshops that addressed current and important topics. (more…)

Morocco PM To GCC Investors: We Are One Family

Middle East Online
By Saad Guerraoui


Trade between Morocco and the GCC has soared by 235 percent between 2003 and 2013.

Benkirane urges Arab Gulf states to eye Morocco as priority business destination at start of fourth edition of Gulf-Moroccan Investment Forum. (more…)

Morocco To Host Global Textile Fair In March


Morocco international fashion, textile & accessories fair will be held from 10th to 12th of March, 2015, organized by Pyramids Group, at Casablanca international fair grounds in Morocco.

With the participation of domestic and international fashion and textile professionals, Morocco Style presents high quality products. Through Pyramid Group’s strongest network in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Morocco Style will be attracting thousands of visitors from Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, Europe, and Russia. (more…)

Casablanca International Arbitrage Days Launched Today By Morocco’s Head Of Government

Business Newswire


Morocco’s head of government Abdelilah Benkirane, and Casablanca Finance city’s CEO, Said Irbahimi, launched today in Casablanca the first edition of the “Casablanca Arbitration Days”, a two days forum dedicated to international juridical security and arbitrage. (more…)

Former Jihadi Films Life Story


[Magharebia/Jemal Omar] Mohamed Ould Sid Ahmed was recruited into a terrorist group at 17. His movie “Maze” is a warning to other young people.

Interview conducted by Jemal Oumar in Nouakchott for Magharebia.

A young terror recruit makes a movie recounting his indoctrination by radical Islamists, experience with jihadists, imprisonment, and ultimate renunciation of the takfirist path. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-11-28

Logo mediumMagharebia

Terrorism | 2014-11-28
Haftar aide shot dead
An army officer related to “Operation Dignity” head Khalifa Haftar was gunned down in eastern Libya, AFP reported on Friday (November 28th)…. (more…)

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