Qatar signs deal to finance two projects in Morocco

The Peninsula

The Moroccan Prime Minister, Abdul Ilah bin Kiran, with the Finance Minister H E Ali Sherief Al Emadi.
DOHA: The Moroccan Prime Minister, Abdul Ilah bin Kiran, yesterday met the Finance Minister H E Ali Sherief Al Emadi in capital Rabat. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-08-22

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Terrorism | 2014-08-22
Public execution stuns Derna
Islamists kill a young man inside a Derna football stadium. (more…)



RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Morocco has announced the arrest of two suspected members of the Islamic State group.

The statement Friday said the men, who had connections to foreign extremists, were planning to train in Syria with the group before returning to carry out attacks in Morocco. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-08-21

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Security | 2014-08-21
Libya shuts state TV stations
Two Libyan state channels stations are off the air after they backed Islamists laying waste to Tripoli international airport. (more…)

Swiss boost UN observer mission in Western Sahara


Switzerland will send up to six unarmed military observers to join the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Western Sahara to reinforce its involvement in the region.

Swiss military observers have been participating in UN missions for nearly 25 years

Swiss military observers have been participating in UN missions for nearly 25 years
The unarmed experts are supervising the 1988 ceasefire agreement between Morocco and the Polisario Front group fighting for independence of Western Sahara.
Two Swiss mine clearing specialists have been working with the UN contingent since 2011. Up to 85 members of the Swiss Medical Unit also served in the region between 1991 to 1994, according to the ministry. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-08-20

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Security | 2014-08-20
Airstrikes target militias in Tripoli, Benghazi
An anti-Islamist coalition is claiming credit for the mysterious airstrikes in Tripoli. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-08-19

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Security | 2014-08-19
Libya calls for regional security alliance
Building on success with Sudan, Libya is urging neighbouring countries to form a regional military partnership to secure borders and restore order. (more…)

U.S., foreign intel assessing Islamic State threats


Al-Baraka News via AFP/Getty Images
Islamic State militants drive on a new road they built through the Syrian-Iraq border in Nineveh province on June 9.
Authorities in France and Morocco detained citizens suspected of joining the Islamic State, but a U.S. intelligence bulletin issued Friday said there are no specific or credible threats on the U.S. homeland from the militant group. (more…)



Although cyberspace has existed for decades, the strategic principles of cyber-warfare have not yet been devised. In beginning to do so, John J. Klein believes that similarities between the cyber and maritime domains suggest that the thought of Sir Julian Corbett should be used as inspiration. (more…)

Spain detains 14-year-old girl as jihad suspect

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Spanish police said today they had detained a 14-year-old girl and a 19-year-old woman suspected of trying to join Islamic extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria. (more…)

Polisario no Longer Pleased with Christopher Ross’s Mediation

Sahara News



The Polisario leaders are seemingly no longer pleased with Christopher Ross as the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Western Sahara. Deeming his mediation as unsuccessful, they have declared him persona non grata in the Rabouni camp, hosting their headquarters in Tindouf. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-08-04

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Security | 2014-08-04

Libyans fed up with chaos take to the streets of Benghazi.

Security | 2014-08-04
Morocco arrests French terror recruiter
A captured terrorist in Tangier is raising questions about links between Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, Jabhat al-Nusra and other extremist groups. (more…)

Morocco sees 3.7m tourists during Jan-May

Trade Arabia


More than 3.57 million tourists visited Morocco between January and May, reflecting an increase of 9 per cent compared to the same period last year, according to latest estimates released by government departments. (more…)

Is Kim Kardashian helping to change Berber women’s lives?

By Bianca London

Star’s love of argan oil boosts business in Morocco where women hand press every single nut to produce lucrative ‘liquid gold’ (more…)

Morocco Had A Plan And It Worked

Counter-Terrorism: Morocco Had A Plan And It Worked
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Of all the Arab countries Morocco has had the least problems with Islamic terrorism. There are several reasons for this. First there is geography. Morocco is the westernmost (from Arabia) Moslem country and like the easternmost nation (Indonesia) is least affected by the Islamic radicalism that arose in Arabia in the 7th century and has survived there ever since. Then there is the ethnic factor. (more…)

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