Monday, September 25

UN expert in cultural rights to visit Morocco on September 5-16

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Rabat – The independent expert of the United Nations in the field of cultural rights, Farida Shahid, will visit Morocco on September 5-16 to assess the efforts made by Morocco to promote and protect cultural rights, and to identify the best practices and obstacles that hinder their achievement.

During this visit, Shahid will examine the legislation and practices related to the access to cultural heritage, cultural diversity and respect for cultural rights, mainly within the educational system, said a statement of the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

“The visit came after Morocco promulgated a new constitution that promotes cultural rights and diversity. It also gives an official status to the Amazigh language,” the expert said, adding that one of her goals is to “assess how the new constitution facilitates the cultural rights of Morocco’s diversified population.”

She will have meetings with government officials, academics and civil society representatives.


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