Saturday, October 21

Recipes: A Week’s Worth of Moroccan Dishes from Jenny Morris

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Cooking with Jenny MorrisThe Food Network has published seven Moroccan-inspired dishes from their new show Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco. The recipes range from Moroccan Chicken with preserved lemons and olives to Saffron Lamb with Prunes and other flavour-packed meals.

For more recipes by the Giggling Gourmet get your hands on a copy of Cooking with Jenny Morris.

Welcome to the Morocca-thon – 7 recipes for 7 days to celebrate the launch of our brand new show, Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco (and to remind ourselves there’s more to Moroccan cuisine than just tagines).

From 30-minute meals to comforting roasts, we have put together this Morocca-thon menu of spice-packed meals to see you through the most tongue-tingling week of your life.



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