Tuesday, January 16

Polisario Ban Demonstrations In Tindouf Camps During Kennedy Foundation Delegation Visit

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Rabat – Demonstrations in the Polisario-run Tindouf camps were banned during the visit of a delegation of the Robert Kennedy Foundation, Morocco’s Al Ittihad al Ishtiraki newspaper revealed on Thursday, quoting a classified document of the Polisario leadership.

The document says that the Polisario leader, Mohamed Abdelaziz, has ordered taking all the appropriate measures and precautions to prevent any demonstrations or sit-in in the camps, especially before the headquarters of the Polisario secretariat general.

Abdelaziz also ordered a curfew and the restriction of the freedom of movement during the visit of the delegation of the Robert Kennedy Foundation for human rights, the daily said.

A number of Sahrawi families, whose relative are held by the Polisario, are staging a sit-in before the secretariat general of the Algeria-backed Polisario, where they have pitted a large tent and held slogans requesting the liberation of their relatives, or holding a fair trial to decide their fate.

According to the publication, other people in the camps are due to express, during the visit of the U.S. mission, opposition to the Polisario and rejection of the deteriorated situation of human rights in the camps.


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