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Maghreb news 2014-09-30

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Economy | 2014-09-30
Algeria launches religious reform
The call by Algeria’s religious affairs minister to restore “a moderate form of Islam” sparks reaction from the blogosphere.

Terrorism | 2014-09-30
Islamist violence rocks Derna
Libyan Islamist militias continue to fight for control over the lawless eastern city.

Youth | 2014-09-30
Morocco youth launch political observatory
“It’s high time for Moroccan youth to become a driving force in politics,” organisers say.

Terrorism | 2014-09-30
Morocco dismantles ISIS-linked terror cell
A terrorist cell dismantled last week by Moroccan and Spanish police planned to join an Algerian offshoot of the Islamic State (ISIS), MAP reported o…

Diplomacy | 2014-09-30
UN envoy hails Libya peace talks
Opposing factions in Libya’s parliament held what the United Nations hailed as “positive” talks Monday on ending a split, which has left the violence…

Economy | 2014-09-30
Algeria, Tunisia sign construction deals
Algeria and Tunisia on Monday (September 29th) signed two construction and public work partnership deals, APS reported….

Diplomacy | 2014-09-30
Mauritania president visits France
Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz and his French counterpart François Hollande met Monday (September 29th) in Paris, AMI reported….

Security | 2014-09-30
Algeria, NATO perform joint maritime drill
Five ships from NATO’s Mine Counter-Measures Group 2 arrived Monday (September 29th) in Algiers for a scheduled port visit during the group’s deploym…


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