Sunday, February 25

Maghreb news 2014-02-25

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Terrorism | 2014-02-25
Benghazi terrorists slaughter Egyptian civilians
Libyans are speaking out against the latest brutal bloodshed in the country’s east.

Economy | 2014-02-25
Jobless Tunisians may see stipends
Young Tunisians are demanding action on a long-dormant plan to create a national unemployment fund.

Religion | 2014-02-25
Moroccan salafist imam receives light sentence
Activists in Morocco are urging a ban on takfir after a radical imam received a suspended sentence.

Terrorism | 2014-02-25
Jihadist returnees from Syria worry Tunisia
Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou on Monday (February 24th) disclosed details about jihadists who had returned from Syria, Tunisie Numeriqu…

Terrorism | 2014-02-25
Libyan military helicopter ‘shot down’
The Libyan Air Force helicopter that crashed near Essider last week was shot down, Libya Herald quoted a military prosecutor as saying on Monday (Feb…

Terrorism | 2014-02-25
Tunisia arrests 11 terrorists
Tunisian security services arrested eleven suspected terrorists in Jendouba and Kasserine, the interior ministry said Monday (February 24th)….

Terrorism | 2014-02-25
Salafists desecrate Jedaida shrine
Tunisian salafists on Monday (February 24th) destroyed the mausoleum of Sidi Bekay in Jedaida, Manouba governorate, Shems FM reported….

Diplomacy | 2014-02-25
UN Western Sahara envoy to visit Maghreb
UN Western Sahara Envoy Christopher Ross is expected to tour the Maghreb next month, Liberté reported Tuesday (February 25th)….


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