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Maghreb news 2013-08-30

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Algerian bloggers debate political Islam

With Islamist political parties struggling to govern across North Africa, Algerian commentators are debating how to best respond.

Terrorism | 2013-08-30

Tunisia plans border buffer zone

A series of defence shake ups in Tunisia have citizens hoping for a more effective counter-terrorism strategy.

Security | 2013-08-30

Africa, Europe partner against al-Qaeda

A new international security apparatus aims to improve counter-terrorism intelligence co-ordination.

Arts & Entertainment | 2013-08-30

Monastir festival opens Monday

More than 100 artists from 28 countries will take part in the 11th International Festival of Visual Arts of Monastir, which starts on September 2nd,…

Religion | 2013-08-30

Morocco hosts Jewish pilgrimage

Some 1,500 Jewish pilgrims from around the world travelled to Essaouira for the annual four-day pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Rabbi Haim Pinto, MAP…

Economy | 2013-08-30

EU funds Morocco development

The European Commission on Thursday (August 29th) announced the first part of its 2013 action plan for Morocco, Aufait Maroc reported….

Terrorism | 2013-08-30

Military prosecutor killed in Benghazi

A Libyan military prosecutor and his brother died in a daytime car bomb blast Thursday (August 29th) in Benghazi, Libya Herald reported. The bomb wen…

Security | 2013-08-30

Algeria arrests suspects for 2007 bombing

Algerian security services arrested two alleged al-Qaeda members in connection with the 2007 assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouy…

Politics | 2013-08-30

Algeria ruling party names new leader

Algeria’s ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) on Thursday (August 29th) named Amar Saïdani as its new secretary general, APS reported….

Terrorism | 2013-08-30

Laaouar struggles to stay viable

The new alliance between two al-Qaeda breakaway groups may be less an ideological union than a pragmatic struggle to survive.



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