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Maghreb news 2013-08-29

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Economy | 2013-08-29

Morocco attempts to calm consumers

Morocco is trying to allay fears about an increase in the cost of staples.

Terrorism | 2013-08-29

Algeria launches repentance campaign

The Algerian army offers armed fighters the option to abandon their hideouts and rejoin society.

Terrorism | 2013-08-29

Al-Qaeda funds Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia reveals

Ansar al-Sharia is a part of the global al-Qaeda network, sending recruits to Libya and Syria, Tunisian officials say.

Security | 2013-08-29

New tribal clashes hit western Libya

Libya’s prime minister is urging citizens to lay down their weapons and let the army and police handle security.

Economy | 2013-08-29

Libya oil output falls anew

Libyan oil production has fallen to 250,000 barrels per day, Prime Minister Ali Zidan told the press on Wednesday (August 28th)….

Security | 2013-08-29

Libyan troops to train abroad

Some 7,000 Libyan troops will soon begin foreign training programmes, Libya Herald reported on Wednesday (August 28th)….

Tourism | 2013-08-29

Hammamet tourists rally for peace

Some 10,000 tourists gathered Wednesday (August 28th) on the beaches of Hammamet to show solidarity for Tunisia and its people, TAP reported….

Economy | 2013-08-29

Renault builds Oran factory

French car manufacturer Renault on Sunday will begin construction on its new Oran factory, APS reported on Wednesday (August 28th)….


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