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Kuwait, Morocco see eye to eye on many common issues — diplomat

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Arab News

By Abdelwahed Talbi

RABAT, Feb 23 (KUNA) — Kuwaiti Ambassador to Morocco Shamlan Abdulaziz Al-Roumi emphasized the strength of political relations between the state of Kuwait and Morocco and how the two countries see eye to eye on many common issues concerning the Arab, the Islamic and the international communities.
Al-Roumi told KUNA, on Saturday, that the Kuwaiti-Moroccan ties have developed and prospered tremendously in many fields under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and King Mohammed VI of Morocco.
Perseverance has pushed the strategic partnership between Kuwait and Morocco to achieve the aspirations of the people and meet the Islamic nations’ interest through establishing mutual cooperation in various domains, especially in investment, the envoy noted. He further explained that the establishment of the Moroccan-Kuwaiti development group in 1976 has epitomized bilateral economic relations, Al-Roumi remarked on the occasions of Kuwait’s 52nd Independence Day and 22nd Liberation Day.
Social economic development projects in the real estate, industry, communication and tourism sectors have also gained support by the two countries through funding from Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), Morocco’s Al-Ajial Investment Fund Holding, Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development, Tameer Real Estate Investment Company and Zain Group for Telecommunication. Kuwait and Morocco have also signed agreement to protect and encourage this investment partnership by avoiding double taxation. In 2001, a pact to form a high joint commission was signed which paved the way for setting up more investment projects.
“This strong partnership has constantly developed due to an open dialogue and a smooth coordination between the leaders of the two nations who have a clear vision on how to solidly establish these political ties,” Al-Roumi noted.
The diplomat also shed light on King Mohammed VI of Morocco’s visit to Kuwait in October 2012 where it aimed at discussing bilateral ties and tackling regional and international topics of mutual interest. He described the Kuwait-Moroccan ties as “the most stable” in the Arab region since they stem from an interchangeable support to one another which is exemplified by Morocco’s support to Kuwait during the 1990 Iraqi invasion and Kuwait’s steadfastness stance to the homeland unity of Morocco. These strong ties also were a result of a blief in the none interference of internal affairs and an unlimited support to Arab and Islamic causes. (end) adt.nfm KUNA 231050 Feb 13NNNN


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