Thursday, August 17

Comment: Doubts remain over Morocco –

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Comment: Doubts remain over Morocco –

Financial Times columnist Roula Khalaf writes that doubts remain about true Moroccan reform. The determining factor will be King Mohammed VI’s true motivations. He writes:

Whether the constitutional proposals will prove an important step towards a democratic future depends on the palace’s real intentions. The king was never about to simply hand over all his powers to parliament. But are constitutional changes designed to begin a genuine process that can be built on, or simply to deflect current pressure?


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  1. Of course there are always going to be doubts about the King’s intent on reform. True, Morocco is still far from a constitutional monarchy but compared to other members of the Maghreb and the middle east nations, the changes in Morocco are far more palatable. It is an important first step and the King took the initiative to move Morocco ahead of it’s peers. This should be lauded and encouraged. Quoting from the article, Morocco is forging a different model of change in the Arab world, one based on meaningful, gradual and peaceful change. This sums it all up.

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