Monday, October 23

Celac Reaffirms Before UN 4th Committee Support for Mutually Acceptable Political Solution to Sahara Issue

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Maghreb Arabe Presse (Rabat)

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) reaffirmed, Monday before the UN 4th Committee, its firm support for efforts meant to achieve a mutually acceptable political solution to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

The CELAC is strongly supporting efforts made by the UNSG and his personal envoy to reach a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution to the Sahara issue, said permanent representative of El Salvador, ambassador Rubén Ignacio Zamora Rivas, who was speaking on behalf of the CELAC.

The body is convinced that “efforts aimed at promoting intensive and substantial talks between the parties” will continue under the aegis of the UNSG and his personal envoy pursuant to UNSC resolutions adopted since 2007, in order to reach a final solution to this long-running situation, said the ambassador.

All these resolutions describe the Moroccan autonomy initiative as serious and credible.


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