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Arab spring News : Mar 31, 2012

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Israel won’t gain new allies through the Arab Spring
A recurring question of the past year has been whether Israel can come out of the unrest of the “Arab Spring” with any new allies. The point is hardly immaterial: The future of Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt hangs in the balance,
Other Voices: The Marie Antoinette of the Arab Spring is much like the original
Times Herald-Record
By Scripps Howard News Service The Arab Spring appears to have produced its own Marie Antoinette — brighter and better educated than the original and with a much tougher husband, but with the same acquisitive tastes. She is Asma al-Assad, 36,
Gaddafi’s Mansion: An “Arab Spring” Example of Asset Recovery
Huffington Post (blog)
This month the world saw the impact of one of the first major asset recovery cases brought by a new “Arab Spring” government: the High Court in London ruled a £10 million London mansion purchased by the eldest son of deposed Libyan dictator Moammar
North Africa: Arab Spring Documentaries
By Burhan Wazir, 30 March 2012 The eruption of the Arab Spring sent shockwaves around the world as digital images of protest and violence provided an instant depiction of unfolding events. It continues to do so as distressing web videos expose the
Geagea slams Aoun’s bloc, dismisses fears of Christian Arabmarginalization
The Daily Star
Rai has said that violence and bloodshed were turning the “Arab Spring” into an Arab “winter,” threatening Christians and Muslims alike across the Middle East. Rai has also said that Christians feared the turmoil was helping extremist Muslim groups.

The Daily Star
Sky News Arabia sees Arab Spring as double-edged sword
The Daily Star
The Arab Spring, he says, will be treated “the same as other stories.” “One way that I might cover it differently is to put more resources on it, because it matters more. But in terms of approach, thinking, how we do it, it will be the same,” he says.

The Daily Star
Upheaval across Middle East knocks Saudi Arabia off balance
Stars and Stripes
The Arab Spring has shaken the kingdom’s sense of balance. RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – The Saudi royal family prizes stability as much as the oil that secures its wealth, but political upheaval across the Middle East has shaken the kingdom’s sense of

Stars and Stripes
A new doctrine of intervention?
Washington Post
Not the least significant aspect of the Arab Spring is the redefinition of heretofore prevalent principles of foreign policy. As the United States is withdrawing from military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan undertaken on the basis (however disputed)



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