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Algeria To Beef Up Defense With Leonardo Helicopter Deal

Defense News
By: Tom Kington
(Photo Credit: Leonardo)


The deal struck by Italy’s Leonardo group with Algeria for the in-country production of helicopters is being seen as the latest example of the North African country beefing up its defense and security capabilities while bolstering domestic industrial activity.

The Algerian defense ministry announced on Aug 11 that it had signed an MOU with Leonardo for the production of helicopters at Ain Arnat in the Setif province of the (more…)

How Middle Eastern Monarchies Survived The Arab Spring

The Washington Post
By Sean Yom
Monkey Cage Analysis


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders meet at a summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Nov. 16, 2014. (Saudi Press Agency via Reuters)

The term “community” connotes positive outcomes in global affairs. An international community opposes war crimes and supports humanitarian goals; epistemic communities share information and ideas for common causes like climate change; (more…)

Impact Journalism Day 2016 Offshoot Of Arab Spring Looks Out For Morocco’s Future Leaders

Stéphanie Jacob


Created in August 2011 during the Arab Spring by a group of young apolitical Morrocans, TIZI is a civic initiative aiming at strengthening the political landscape through diversity.TIZI

The TIZI initiative aims to get young people interested in politics and, ultimately, nurture potential leaders.

The nonpartisan, independent initiative TIZI was created in August 2011 by a group of (more…)

Islam And Democracy After The Arab Spring

World Affairs Journal


Since the uprisings of the Arab Spring in 2011, an Arab Winter of authoritarian backlash has swept across the Middle East. The setbacks in the Middle East have actually been part of a global phenomenon of authoritarian resurgence that has been marked by increased repression in Russia and China, as well as by setbacks to democracy in smaller countries like Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Thailand.

But the authoritarian resurgence has been more pronounced in the Middle East than in other regions. Indeed, according to Freedom House, 12 of 18 countries in the Middle East are more repressive today than they were before the Arab Spring uprisings. (more…)

The Agony Of The Arab Spring

Wall Street Journal
By Bartle Bull
Photo: wsj


Of the five countries where citizens rose up in 2011, only Tunisia is relatively stable and free. It also produces the most Islamic State recruits.

In early 2011, two young Syrian women named Aliaa and Noura whiled away spring mornings strolling to university or lying on Aliaa’s bed talking about suitors. Dark-haired Aliaa was the daughter of an Alawite military officer; blond Noura was the daughter of a well-known Sunni doctor.

They lived in Jableh, an ancient Phoenician port where the Sunni center of town, with its cafes and Mediterranean promenade, is surrounded by green hills of Alawite and Christian villages. Aliaa and Noura were the best of friends. (more…)

So-Called Arab Spring Turned Out To Be A Calamitous Autumn, King Mohammed VI

The North Africa Post


King Mohammed VI pointed out Wednesday that the so-called Arab Spring which caused destruction, chaos and human tragedies turned out to be a calamitous autumn and that the Arab world is going through a difficult period.

He also warned against the conspiracies which seek to destabilize the few countries that have managed to safeguard their security, stability and political systems. (more…)

Five Years After The Arab Spring, How Does The Middle East Use Social Media?

The Conversation US
Damian Radcliffe

Free Syrian Army fighters use their smartphones behind sandbags in the Al-Maysar neighbourhood of Aleppo May 3, 2014. REUTERS/Jalal Al-Mamo (SYRIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST MILITARY POLITICS SOCIETY CONFLICT) - RTR3NNM2

In 2011, the Arab Spring rocked many parts of the Middle East.

Regime change in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya saw the departure of long-established – seemingly untouchable – political leaders and inspired ripples of protest and disquiet in many neighboring Arab nations. The tumultuous ramifications are still playing out in many countries across the region.

During the the immediate aftermath of these events the role played by social media in facilitating change was hotly debated. Perspectives ranged from (more…)

Arab Spring’s Dreams Became The Islamic State Nightmare

By Noah Feldman


Five years ago today, the self-immolation of Tunisian fruit seller Mohamed Bouazizi sparked the Arab Spring.

At this distance, it’s possible to ask a difficult question: Has the Arab Spring been good for the Arabic-speaking world? Are most people better off than they were five years ago? (more…)

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