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Authorities in Algeria are using – and even going beyond – the restrictive 2012 Law on Associations to stifle freedom of association. The authorities have been arbitrarily rejecting or refusing to process registration applications from organizations, putting both new and long established independent organizations in legal limbo and curtailing their ability to receive foreign funding or to hold public meetings. (more…)

Maya Gold And Silver – Morocco Is A Better Mining Destination Than You’d Think

Seeking Alpha


  • Maya’s PEA at Zgounder suggests a viable silver production.
  • Investors should look further than the relatively short mine life and see the bigger picture.
  • Thanks to its relationship with the state-owned mining company, Maya has a huge opportunity to secure the land packages it wants.
  • Morocco is a mining-friendly country actually encouraging investment in mining, instead of scaring mining companies away.


In this article I’ll have a closer look at Maya Gold and Silver (OTC:MYAGF) which aims to develop its Zgounder silver project in the kingdom of Morocco. I will provide a background overview of the company and will use the official PEA as base case to alter some inputs to see if the project’s NPV still holds up using a lower silver price. Thereafter I will discuss the main risks associated with an investment in Maya, and I will expand a bit about Morocco as a mining destination as not a lot of people will be familiar with the country. Before moving over to the investment thesis, I will also offer some possibilities how this project will get funded.

Super Tough Trees Will Grow In Moroccan Desert To Produce Green Energy

International Business Times

By Kathleen Caulderwood

A biotech company has invented a new hybrid tree that grows at record speed on barren land, and can be used to create clean energy. They’ve already set up a project in southern India, and now they’re taking on Morocco. Anagenesis Trees Corporation is planning to plant more than 50,000 acres of their patented Trifolia trees in Morocco within a few years. The trees will be used to produce clean energy and be a lucrative source of income for local communities. “It’s a very interesting concept,” said Talal Belrhiti, an international business consultant in Casablanca who is working with the company. “It’s great for the environment, it’s pretty and it’s a way to make good money as well,” said Belrhiti. The trees themselves took 17 years to engineer. Using an especially hardy species originating in China and Southeast Asia, scientists developed a new hybrid for strength, climate tolerance and a low requirement for water. “The best performers in each category were selected and then cuttings were taken from each sample and were reproduced in the laboratory via tissue cultures,” reads a report from the company. In 2009 Anagenesis patented their Trifolia tree. One of the most important aspects is how fast they grow. Their distinctive three-leafed rows take in more sunlight and nutrients than ordinary trees, which helps them reach seven meters in just a year. “Within four or five years you can have a full-fledged forest,” said Belrhiti.

From corsair’s coves to Rick’s Café in Morocco

GMA News
Rabat and Casablanca

On a weeklong trip to Morocco with a Spanish group, one of the highlights was a visit to the imperial capital of Rabat, which literally meant “fortified convent.” Because of its strategic location by the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat’s history is filled with conquering tribes and foreign invasions. One of its more colorful characters was Sultan Moulay Ismail, who raided many passing ships; his lair lay in the estuaries and coves of the Bou Regreg River that ran through Rabat. (more…)

France apologies to Morocco after minister searched at Paris airport

Reuters Africa

PARIS, March 28 (Reuters) – France apologised to Morocco on Friday after the kingdom’s foreign minister was searched while transiting at a Paris airport, the latest incident that has strained ties between Rabat and its former colonial ruler. (more…)

Morocco king attends prayers led by reformed Salafist

Rabat (AFP) – A reformed Moroccan Salafi-jihadist sheikh, jailed for life over the 2003 Casablanca bombings, led Friday prayers in the king’s presence in Tangiers, a first since receiving a royal pardon in 2011. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-03-28


Economy | 2014-03-28
Tunisia to raise retirement age
Tunisia’s economic crisis is prompting big changes to the social security system (more…)

Poll: Women’s discrimination high in North Africa

Associated Press

RABAT, Morocco (AP) – Attitudes toward women’s equality are dimmer in North Africa than in the rest of the continent, according to a new poll of about 50,000 people across 34 African countries. (more…)

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