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Egencia Expands its Global Footprint by Seven New Countries


Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala and South Korea join the Egencia Global Alliance

BELLEVUE, Wash. – (January 31, 2012) – Egencia®, an Expedia, Inc. company, has today announced that it has expanded its global footprint by seven new countries, providing travel management services to clients in Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Korea, Colombia, Chile, and Guatemala. The Egencia Global Alliance (EGA) is comprised of strategic partnerships with market-leading local travel management providers across the world. With the addition of these seven new country partnerships, Egencia now has a presence in 47 countries worldwide.

All EGA partners are carefully chosen based on their ability to provide best in class quality and service and are aligned with Egencia’s customer centric values and standards. All partners provide clients with airline and rail ticket booking, hotel and car reservations, visa services, as well as MICE and leisure services.

The following partners join the Egencia family, as part of the global alliance: (more…)

Euromed: New model required, 80 mln jobs needed


Low-key ties with Italy, hope for Monti, Moroccan ambassador

Morocco's Ambassador Hassan Abouyoub

Morocco’s Ambassador Hassan Abouyoub

(by Elisa Pinna).

(ANSAmed) – ROME, JANUARY 31 – Forty million jobs must be created in North Africa and forty million in the EU within 10-15 years. Eighty million new jobs. This figure alone – Morocco’s ambassador to Italy Hassan Abouyoub points out – underlines the significance of the challenges that lie ahead and shows the need for a real and institutionalised partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea, after ”the administrative approach and the stream of rhetoric from Brussels.” ”The Mediterranean area holds the future of Europe, the Arab world, Israel and Turkey,” the diplomat told ANSAmed in an interview. (more…)

Algeria and the Islamists of Morocco


Mohammad el-Ashab

Some developments cannot bear any interpretations as they represent needs that are not bound to immediate considerations. The opening of Morocco and Algeria to one another is not a gift offered by Algeria to the Islamic movement leading the government in Rabat; but it could be considered as a way to salute the Moroccan people after selecting their new ruling elite. The visit paid by Moroccan Foreign Minister Saadeddin al-Othmani to Algeria only aimed at paving the way for the long awaited détente.

In this sense, the dialogue between the Algerian Authority and the Islamists of Morocco will be no stranger to the transformations that necessitated the reconciliation of Algeria with all its Islamic, liberal, leftist and even Amazigh components. What applies to the regional transformations applies even more to the internal level. The encouraging thing in this regard is that many calculations pertaining to setting things straight in both countries have gone or are on their way to take a back seat. (more…)

Algeria Islamist leader predicts unrest if vote rigged


By Lamine Chikhi and Christian Lowe

imageALGIERS (Reuters) – Algeria’s government will ignite an explosion of unrest if it tries to rig a parliamentary election in May to keep its grip on power, according to the leader of an Islamist opposition party vying for a big share of the vote.

Algeria, a big energy exporter, is the only North African state largely untouched by the “Arab Spring” upheavals in the region but the election could still act as a catalyst for protests over unemployment, a lack of housing and a government many people feel does not listen to them.

Throwing down a gauntlet to the secularist leaders who have run the country since independence from France in 1962, moderate Islamists are building support, buoyed by an Islamist resurgence in neighbours Tunisia, Libya and Morocco in the wake of last year’s popular revolts. (more…)

Arab spring News : Jan 31, 2012

It’s a different Arab spring in art and culture
Times of India
Away from the dust and din of revolutions, the Arab world is celebrating a differentspring in the arts and culture space by broadening its links with the rest of the world. The arts and culture agenda in the region set by three major arts projects
Bitter fruits of revolution and the Arab Spring
The Voice of Russia
Reality keeps teaching hard lessons to the Western supporters of the so- called “Arab spring”. The toppling of the Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak was presented by the West as an amazing example of a “democratic revolution” and praised in the same way

The Voice of Russia

British rowing team rescued after capsizing while attempting trans-Atlantic journey


By Associated Press

LONDON — Six rowers who capsized in the Atlantic Ocean while attempting to row from Morocco to Barbados have been rescued.

Falmouth Coastguard said Tuesday that the rowers capsized 520 miles (837 kilometers) from Barbados and climbed onto a life raft tethered to their boat. Coast guards from Britain and Martinique launched a rescue mission after the rowers contacted their support team by satellite phone but the men were picked up by a cargo ship before the coast guards reached them.

Falmouth Coastguard said the cargo ship is now taking the rowers to Gibraltar.

The men were taking part in the Atlantic Odyssey Challenge to row from Morocco to Barbados in less than 30 days. Their boat capsized Monday, 27 days into their journey. The Atlantic Odyssey website said the crew were safe and well

Morocco captain Houssine Kharja denies quit rumours


By John Bennett

BBC Sport, Libreville

Morocco captain Houssine Kharja

Kharja at the news conference in Libreville where he had to deny he was quittingMorocco captain Houssine Kharja says rumours he is quitting international football after a disappointing Africa Cup of Nations are completely false. (more…)

Morocco launches new job creation plans


Despite fresh measures to tackle unemployment, Morocco continues to witness a string of self-immolations.

By Hassan Benmehdi for Magharebia in Casablanca

[Hassan Benmehdi] Friends and supporters of a jobless Moroccan who died after a self-immolation rally in Casablanca.[Hassan Benmehdi] Friends and supporters of a jobless Moroccan who died after a self-immolation rally in Casablanca.

A jobless Moroccan graduate died last week, six days after setting himself on fire in Rabat. Abdelwahab Zeidoun’s death on January 24th was the latest in a string of suicides by fire that have rocked the Maghreb. The 27-year-old protestor was among a group of graduates who had staged a two-week sit-in near the ministry of education to win public-sector jobs.

The protestors complained that they had been left out of an initiative to recruit youths directly under an agreement reached with the previous government last year.

Despite having a graduate degree in information studies from the University of Fes, Zeidoun was unable to land a job. He and another man burnt themselves on January 18th. (more…)

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