Tuesday, January 16

WB Approves $300 Million Loan For Morocco To Back Second Phase Of Anti-Poverty Program INDH

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Washington  –  The World Bank (WB) on Thursday approved a loan of $ 300 million for Morocco, underpinned by a comprehensive program to build local institutional capacity,” in support of second phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), which aims at providing improved services and economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities in rural and urban areas of the Kingdom.

    The Initiative, launched in 2005 by HM King Mohammed VI, “is the centerpiece of the (Moroccan) government’s commitment to address social and economic exclusion in underserved areas,” said, on this occasion, the WB Vice President of Middle East and North Africa region, Inger Andersen.

“By supporting the second phase of this innovative program we stand proudly with the government in its drive towards greater results,” she noted.

INDH2 finances income-generating activities, improved access to basic services and key infrastructure in the poorest regions of Morocco.

Taking lessons from INDH1, the Moroccan government nearly doubled the geographic scope and increased the budget from $1.7 billion to $2.1 billion for phase 2.

She added that INDH2 is the first World Bank-supported project using the “Program for Results” (PforR), a new lending instrument which disburses funds based on the achievement of agreed and verified results.

“This is a farsighted commitment to excellence and rigor,” Franck Bousquet, World Bank Sector Manager for Social Development in MENA, pointed out.

INDH2 builds on the capacity created during INDH1, but introduces complementary measures to improve local-level management capacity.

“The PforR will be a stimulus for increasing the socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable groups,” said, for his part, Mohamed Medouar, World Bank INDH Project Leader.

“The focus on verifiable results is very much in line with the commitment to more open and transparent governance,” he said.




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