Thursday, August 17

Surfing Trooper Is Riding a Geeky Wave Around the World

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By Max Castera

Image: SurfingTrooper,

Surfingtrooper, Bali

As a native of South West France, surfing — the original, water-based kind, not the kind you’re doing right now — has been one of my favorite hobbies for quite some time. My move to the Netherlands and (to be honest) my questionable surfing skills have now made my practice of the sport somewhat challenging!

In any case, I still keep an eye on the surf scene, even if not as much as I do on the geek scene. You can imagine how happy I was when I recently witnessed those two worlds crossing paths! Some anonymous surfer is currently traveling the world, looking for the best waves and visiting geek sanctuaries … Oh, and he also wears a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet the whole time.

Also known as the Surfing Trooper, this geek surfer uses his blog to document every continent he is visiting. From Fiji to Peru via Australia and Hobbiton in New Zealand, his adventures are illustrated with a true geek taste. He has been seen most recently in Morocco in December, so what’s next? Maybe he’ll hitchhike a ride on a Star Destroyer heading towardsTitan and surf some methane waves!

While this project is my favorite, traveling dressed or partly dressed as a Stormtrooper seems to have become very popular, and for some very good causes. For instance, StormtrooperJacob French is currently crossing Australia from Perth to Sydney by foot, to raise money for the StarLight Children’s Foundation, a charity for children with serious illnesses.



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