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Ramadan is Where the Heart is! Layla Ghofran spends the Holy month in Paris

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Layla Ghofran spends Ramadan in Paris due to work commitments. (Image: Facebook)Every Ramadan, those fasting traditionally spend the Holy month in their hometowns. But this year,Moroccan singer Layla Ghofran spent hers in Paris instead!

This is the first time the singer has spent Ramadan away from home; but she’s done it for a good reason.

The busy star had a number of projects lined-up in the city of love – one of which is her new album – that just couldn’t wait until the end of the blessed month.

She’s currently in negotiations with several production companies, like Sony Music, for the production of her almost-complete album.

A new vid is also on the menu, as she prepares to launch her music video “Jaret Wa Jareet” in Paris, while dedicating it to her fans as a gift for the Muslim holiday Eid El Fiter.

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, being in Paris has made no difference at all to Layla’s traditions. Despite her work obligations, she has been fasting and dedicating time for worship every day. Ramadan really is where the heart is!

Layla isn’t just a singer, she works her magic in the kitchen too! The traditionalist told Elaph that she prepares traditional Ramadan meals on a daily basis, and follows the same Ramadan routine she would at home.

Layla’s certainly keeping all of her Ramadan traditions intact, well, except for one. The songstress apologized to fans for not releasing a religious song this Ramadan, but promised to release one next year for sure.

Published July 28th, 2013 – 12:24 GMT viaSyndiGate.info


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