Tuesday, September 26

Morocco “world phosphate supplier for 700 years”

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Morocco looks set to provide for the world demand for phosphates over the next 700 years, according to John Fuller, the President of Norfok Mardlers, a club of British farmers. Morocco will supply the world phosphates, for the 700 years to come, owing to the exponential development of its production capacities during the past few years, Fuller said.

In fact, the Moroccan Phosphates Office (OCP) which produces 30 million tons of phosphates annually looks forward to producing 40 million tons by 2020.

Members of the British club who recently visited the Moroccan kingdom have indicated that the construction of a transport pipeline was underway, in an effort to do without the mine trains, while reducing energy consumption.

Besides, Norfolk Mardlers has indicated that the cost of the phosphate drying will be reduced considerably, owing to the new OCP’s industrial facilities.

The club said the development of the fertilizer industry in Morocco is in contrast with the world reserves, which are expected to dwindle drastically.

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