Sunday, February 25

Morocco to host N.Africa investment conference

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MARRAKECH/PARIS: The first edition of the World Investment Conference North Africa, organised in collaboration with the Moroccan Investment Development Agency (MIDA), will be held from March 20 to 22 in the city of Marrakech. This international event will bring together business leaders, national and international investors, and personalities from the economic and political world to share and discuss investment opportunities in North Africa and the Middle East.

Being in full socio-economic and political transition, the region is attracting an increasing number of investors because of its potential and development prospects.

This event will also be an opportunity for Morocco to position itself as a promotion platform for the whole North African region. WIC, growing influence

The purpose of the World Investment Conferences is to promote and facilitate foreign direct investment in the regions and countries with the best opportunities. Since its inception in 2003, WIC has a growing influence around the world. They are now emerging platforms where future international investment policies are designed. These have a decisive impact on the overall economic growth, as well as on the global political landscape. Morocco is chosen to host the 1st WIC North Africa

Considered by investors as one of the most attractive destinations in Africa, it is not by chance that Morocco has been chosen to host the 1st edition of WIC North Africa. The Kingdom has indeed undertaken significant reforms to encourage foreign investment (modernization of financial markets, upgrading of infrastructure, and other reforms). The country also has significant advantages to become a regional business hub, namely its strategic geographical location and its free trade agreements with Europe and the Middle East.


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