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Maghreb News 2015-01-30

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Security | 2015-01-30
Libyans sceptical of Geneva dialogue
UN negotiators continue to push for peace in Libya as the Islamic State claims credit for a recent terror attack.

Terrorism | 2015-01-30
Tunisia thwarts terrorist plots
As danger looms from the crisis in Libya, Tunisia continues to eliminate terror cells.

Women’s Rights | 2015-01-30
Radicals risk women’s rights, activist says
Gains in gender parity in the Maghreb have been lost as radical ideology spreads, a rights activist says.

Security | 2015-01-30
Algeria calls for African security co-ordination
Algeria is mobilised to tackle terrorism in Africa, Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Friday (January 30th) in Addis Ababa….

Elections | 2015-01-30
Tunisia to announce new cabinet
Consultations on the new Tunisia government should be completed Friday (January 30th), TAP reported, citing a source close to Prime Minister-designat…

Crime & Justice | 2015-01-30
Algeria bill targets terrorism financing
Algerian lawmakers on Thursday (January 29th) passed a bill against money laundering and terrorism financing, APS reported….

Terrorism | 2015-01-30
Journey to ISIS hell
Twice in January, the head of the Islamic State sent out calls for Maghreb youth to join his fight in Iraq, Syria and Libya. His messages left out the part about how he would use them.


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