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Maghreb news 2014-12-29

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Terrorism | 2014-12-29
Daesh claims Belaid, Brahmi murders
An Islamic State fighter from Tunisia issues a direct threat to his country.

Terrorism | 2014-12-29
Daesh detonate Tripoli bomb
The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group claimed responsibility for a car bomb blast outside a diplomatic security building in Tripoli, AFP reported on…

Security | 2014-12-29
Tunisia salafists attack guard post
Tunisian security forces on Saturday (December 27th) arrested 27 salafists for alleged involvement in an attack on a National Guard post in Manouba,…

Security | 2014-12-29
Libya raid targets Belmokhtar camp
Ground and air forces on Monday (September 29th) attacked a jihadist camp near Sebha, Libya Herald reported. Militants were reportedly captured in th…

Diplomacy | 2014-12-29
Algeria, Chad discuss Libya crisis
Algeria and Chad agree on the urgency of a political solution in Libya, APS reported on Sunday (December 28th)….


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