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Elections | 2014-10-30
Maghreb reacts to Tunisia election
As Tunisia announces its legislative election winners, praise pours in from all parts of the Maghreb.

Security | 2014-10-30
Libya debates dialogue as bloodshed continues
More than 200 people have now died in the latest fight for Benghazi.

Economy | 2014-10-30
Morocco unions declare strike successful
Trade federations are celebrating the high level of worker participation in Morocco’s latest general strike.

Terrorism | 2014-10-30
Tunisia pounds terrorists
Tunisian security forces arrested nearly three dozen terror suspects linked to the group involved in last week’s deadly gunfight in Oued Ellil, the i…

Terrorism | 2014-10-30
Mali battle claims French officer
A French officer died Wednesday (October 29th) during “a violent clash between Operation Barkhane forces and a large number of armed terrorists” in t…

Health | 2014-10-30
Morocco wins African app competition
A Moroccan company just won an African Content Awards for developing one of the world’s five best health applications….

Energy | 2014-10-30
Algeria signs new energy deals
Three foreign energy consortiums on Wednesday (October 29th) signed contracts for gas exploration in Algeria….

Elections | 2014-10-30
Tunisia begins new era
Tunisians ignore terror threats and long lines to cast their ballots in historic parliamentary elections.