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Maghreb news : 2014-05-23

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Security | 2014-05-23
Tunisia secures Libya border
As the situation in Libya continues to deteriorate, Tunisia steps up security along its border and enacts a strategy against terrorist threats.

Crime & Justice | 2014-05-23
Tunisia debates cannabis law
The arrest of well-known blogger Azyz Amami is raising questions about mandatory sentencing in drug cases.

Security | 2014-05-23
Libya government orders brigades out of Tripoli
The Libyan government on Thursday (May 22nd) ordered the Libya Central Shield, Qaaqaa and Sawaiq brigades to withdraw from Tripoli, Libya Herald repo…

Diplomacy | 2014-05-23
‘5+5’ foreign ministers meet in Lisbon
Foreign ministers of “5+5 Dialogue” member states on Thursday (May 22nd) concluded their 11th summit with a call for a joint Sahel security and devel…

Protests | 2014-05-23
M20F activists imprisoned in Morocco
A Moroccan court on Thursday (May 22nd) sentenced eleven members of the pro-reform February 20th movement (M20F) to up to one year in prison, Aufait…

Crime & Justice | 2014-05-23
Algeria jails foreign drug ‘mules’
An Algiers court on Thursday (May 22nd) imposed prison sentences ranging from 20 years to life against nine foreigners involved in a 2011 drug traffi…

Terrorism | 2014-05-23
Mali rebels seize northern towns
Mali was in crisis Friday (May 23rd) after losing two northern towns to Touareg separatists, AFP reported….

Terrorism | 2014-05-23
Terrorists exploit social networks
A cybercrime analyst from the ICC and other experts warn of a growing danger for young people in the Maghreb: “virtual recruitment” by terrorists.


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