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Maghreb news 2014-05-22

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Terrorism | 2014-05-22
Libyans fight back against Ansar al-Sharia
While officials are split over Khalifa Haftar’s campaign to rout eastern Libya of extremists, citizens agree that Ansar al-Sharia is behind the escalating bloodshed in Benghazi.

Terrorism | 2014-05-22
France, Algeria face common threat
Military co-operation topped talks between the French defence minister and Algerian officials this week in Algiers.

Security | 2014-05-22
Tensions spike in northern Mali
Touareg rebels, Malian troops and civilians are all dying in new Kidal violence.

Security | 2014-05-22
Tunisia arrests terrorist from Libya
Tunisian security forces arrested eight suspected terrorists this week, TAP quoted interior ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui as saying on Wednesd…

Security | 2014-05-22
‘G5 Sahel’ states plan joint security platform
Interior ministers of the “G5 Sahel” member states on Wednesday (May 21st) formed a security co-operation platform tasked with fighting terrorism, AF…

Economy | 2014-05-22
World Bank helps Tunisia SMEs
The World Bank and Tunisia on Thursday (May 22nd) signed a credit deal for 72.6 million euros, TAP reported….

Crime & Justice | 2014-05-22
Moroccan rapper ‘El-Haqed’ arrested
Moroccan rapper Mouad Belghouat, considered the voice of the pro-reform February 20th movement, was jailed on Wednesday (May 21st), following his Sun…

Crime & Justice | 2014-05-22
Tunisian cartoonist loses appeal
A young Tunisian jailed over a controversial cartoon lost his appeal against a separate eight-month sentence, AFP reported on Wednesday (May 21st)…


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