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Maghreb news 2014-01-28

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Politics | 2014-01-28
Tunisia meets caretaker cabinet
Tunisia’s new government will guide the country through the last phase of the democratic transition.

Terrorism | 2014-01-28
Green flag resurgence threatens Sabha
Tribal clashes in southern Libya create an opportunity for Kadhafi loyalists

Religion | 2014-01-28
Algeria regulates mosques
Algerian religious leaders are determined to see that mosques are never used as incubators for hatred and violence.

Economy | 2014-01-28
Arab investors look to Mauritania
Mauritania could see hundreds of millions of euros worth of new investment after a just-concluded trade forum.

Security | 2014-01-28
Libya gunmen kill local official
The Al Reyayna local council chief was gunned down by masked assailants, Libya Herald reported on Monday (January 27th)….

Crime & Justice | 2014-01-28
Tunis court postpones embassy attack trial
The trial of salafists implicated in the attack on the US embassy in Tunis was adjourned until March 25th, AFP reported on Tuesday (January 28th)….

Diplomacy | 2014-01-28
UN Sahara envoy visits Morocco
UN Western Sahara Envoy Christopher Ross met with Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar in Rabat on Monday (January 27th), AFP reported. No d…


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