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Maghreb news 2013-12-27

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Crime & Justice | 2013-12-27
Rafik Khalifa faces Algeria justice
The fugitive tycoon behind the biggest financial scandal in Algerian history will soon see the inside of a courtroom.

Economy | 2013-12-27
Pressures mount on Tunisian middle class
Tunisia’s draft 2014 budget is facing a wave of criticism from labour groups, political parties and citizens.

Security | 2013-12-27
Sabha council strikes for security
The Sabha local council suspended work on Thursday (December 26th) after an attack on their offices by unknown gunmen a day earlier….

Terrorism | 2013-12-27
ANP troops ambush Constantine terrorists
Algerian soldiers killed three terrorists in Constantine, APS reported on Thursday (December 26th)….

Security | 2013-12-27
Algeria, Egypt discuss security
Regional security topped Algiers talks on Thursday (December 26th) between Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra and Egyptian Deputy Minister for…

Terrorism | 2013-12-27
Mali captures Gao terror suspects
Malian troops on Thursday (December 26th) arrested six men near Gao, AFP reported. The detainees are suspected of involvement in a rocket attack on t…

Terrorism | 2013-12-27
Foreign terrorists threaten Tunisia
The government overhaul now under way can help Tunisia stem the spread of terrorism, a top Tunis security analyst suggests.


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