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Maghreb news 2013-07-29

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Protests | 2013-07-29

Tunisian government calls emergency meeting

Protestors are demanding the ouster of the Islamist-led Tunisian government in the wake of another assassination.

Terrorism | 2013-07-29

Bombing fears grip Tunisia

Tunisians worry the country could see systematic terrorist attacks unless authorities move quickly to shore up security.

Protests | 2013-07-29

Libyans react to Benghazi assassinations

The killings of Abdessalam Musmari and other prominent figures has led Libyans to call for an end to political parties.

Elections | 2013-07-29

Mali holds presidential elections

Malians headed to the polls on Sunday (July 28th) for the first presidential election since last year’s coup, al-Qaeda takeover of the north and inte…

Security | 2013-07-29

Morocco, Senegal strengthen ties

Senegalese President Macky Sall on Friday (July 27th) wrapped up a two-day visit to Morocco aimed at improving security and economic co-operation….

Terrorism | 2013-07-29

Twin blasts injure Benghazi civilians

Twin bomb blasts rocked central Benghazi after Iftar on Sunday (July 28th). Two suitcase bombs exploded between the Maydan Al-Tahrir courthouse an…

Terrorism | 2013-07-29

Skikda bomb targets gendarmerie

A bomb targeted an Algerian national gendarmerie convoy Sunday (July 28th) south of Skikda, El Watan reported. The explosive device was detonated on…

Human Rights | 2013-07-29

Tunisia drops charge against activist ‘Amina’

A Tunisian court on Monday (July 29th) dismissed one of three cases against 19-year-old feminist Amina Sboui, Tunisie Numerique reported….


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