Saturday, October 21

Libya is in danger

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Arab News

I really liked the cartoon by Migdad on May 26 depicting the current situation of Libya. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
In this case the cartoon has effectively portrayed the Libyan crisis and the impending dangers from the extremists and terrorists to that war-torn country.
Like many Arab Spring-hit countries, hopes for a better future have been brutally dashed. Despite the ouster of a dictator, the country is yet to witness peace and tranquility.
If reports from foreign media are to be believed, the Libyan uprising three years ago was aimed at a democratic system. To the dismay of many, it turned out exactly the opposite primarily due to foreign intervention in Libya.
The situation in Libya is as bad as Iraq, Afghanistan and few other Arab countries in turmoil. — S.H. Moulana, Riyadh


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