Saturday, October 21

JLo At The Mawazine Festival: Jenny From The Block Is Taking Her Booty To Morocco

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Jennifer Lopez will glitter the stage. (Facebook)

Seriously, this year’s Mawazine Festival is gonna be out of control awesome.

And, it’s not just gonna be the music that’s bootylicious. Jennifer Lopez will be opening up the concert series with her booty-shakin’ tunes. That’s right Jenny from the Block is bringing all that junk inside her trunk to Morocco. She’s Rabat-bound, Baby! Her gig is slated for May 29th, the first night of the festival that will continue through June 6th.

The “Let’s Get Loud” hit maker will surely have to tame down her wardrobe for the event. Although Morocco may be the Western-most country in Muslim North Africa, it’s also home to a host of conservative traditionalists that even frowned upon Sherine’s selection of jeans in 2013, and you better believe they were hatin’ on Jessie J’s boy shorts that same year.

We’re waiting eagerly for which songs she’ll sing and which wardrobe choice she’ll make. Regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to be an epic performance, and she’ll be in good company as some seriously legit artists are also on the bill.

Akon, Usher, Maroon 5, Pharrel Williams, Avicii, and so many more are making their way to the festival too. Stay tuned for more big names, both local and international.


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