Thursday, August 17

Heritage event in Morocco as Siwa & Tangier project comes to an end

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The EuroMed Heritage Siwa & Tangier project is organizing an afternoon devoted to heritage to celebrate the closing of the program. The event is taking place in Tangier, Morocco, on Wednesday 28 November.

A parade organized by the young artists of the theatre company “Mémoires d’avenir” will present the warning boards and arrows that are integrated in the Medina tourist boards. The itinerary of the parade will lead the participants to Ibn Batouta’s tomb and the Punic and Roman necropolis of Mershan.

Later in the evening, the actions of heritage teaching that were implemented by the project and the awareness products that were created will be presented to the audience at the Kasbah Museum.

The ‘Siwa & Tangier project: A Heritage for a better life’ is implemented by the Italian NGO COSPE in partnership with the Museum of the Kasbah in Tangier – Cultural Heritage Branch – Ministry of Culture, and the SCDEC Siwa Association in Egypt. The main goal of this project is to preserve and enhance the local cultural heritage both in Morocco and Egypt in a sustainable development perspective. The project is funded by the EU through the Euromed Heritage IV Regional Programme.

EuroMed Heritage IV is a €17 million EU-funded programme, which contributes to the exchange of experiences on cultural heritage, creates networks and promotes cooperation with the Mediterranean Partner Countries. It focuses on the appropriation by the local populations of their cultural heritage and favours access to education and knowledge of cultural heritage. It supports a framework for the exchange of experiences, channels for the dissemination of best practices and new perspectives aimed at the development of an institutional cultural environment. (EU Neighbourhood Info)


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