Wednesday, December 13

EU strengthens support to sector reform in Morocco: €112 million for better management of forests and public funds

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EU strengthens support to sector reform in Morocco: €112 million for better management of forests and public funds

The European Commission has adopted its Action Programme 2012 for Morocco with an overall budget of €112 million. The programme aims to support the reform efforts of the Moroccan government in two areas: forest management and protection policy and, the reform of financial management and public administration.

“I think that these new allocations fully reflect the priorities of the partnership between the EU and Morocco in the new neighbourhood policy: a policy more effective and accessible for Moroccan citizens and the development of Moroccan regions with a balanced use of the country’s natural resources”, said Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy.

The support programme for forest policy, which amounts to €37 million, will support the efforts already made by the Moroccan government to fight against the degradation of forest resources and improve incomes and living conditions of local populations of these vulnerable ecosystems. This programme will help to improve the conservation and development of existing forest resources. It will promote greater participation of local people in decisions affecting their habitat area, by promoting products resulting from a sustainable exploitation of the forest.

The programme “Hakama” (“Governance”), with a budget of €75 million, will continue the efforts undertaken for more efficient and equitable mobilisation of public funding and to strengthen the performance and transparency of management of public funds, particularly through the implementation of the fundamental finance law to be adopted later in 2012. The programme will also support the improvement of the quality of public services.

Complimentary to this allocation of €112 million, the European Commission has also granted an additional €80 million to Morocco under the programme SPRING (Support for Partnership, Reform and Inclusive Growth). This additional allocation, announced by Commissioner Füle at the last Association Council held in April, comes in response to the reforms undertaken by Morocco itself. The SPRING programme, with a total budget of more than €500 million for 2011-2013, aims to provide increased support to countries south of the Mediterranean in the process of democratisation.



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