Thursday, August 17

EU-Morocco FTZ For Industrial Products Becomes Effective As Of March 1, 2012

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Rabat – The EU-Morocco free trade zone (FTZ) for industrial products will become effective as of March 1, 2012, the deadline by which the gradual dismantling of the customs services will come to an end, the European Delegation in Morocco said.

The FTZ will be reinforced in the future through the implementation of the advanced status and the different trade agreements notably the agriculture agreement which was adopted by the European Parliament, the agreement of services’ liberalization which is being negotiated, in addition to a possible free trade agreement that is detailed and comprehensive, the Delegation said Wednesday in a statement.

Moroccan products exported to the EU and exempt from customs duties since 1976 are, however, subject to submitting a certificate of origin, it added.

The products from the Union will have a customs-free access to Morocco, while maintaining the value added tax on imports (around 20%) and the special tax on imports which is 0.25% ad valorem.


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