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Arab Spring News of the day : Nov. 29, 2011

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Egypt elections and Arab Spring: November 28 as it happened
By Barney Henderson and Andy Bloxham 21.00 We’re going to leave our Egypt elections and Arab Spring live coverage there for the night, but be sure to check our Middle East page for the latest from Egypt and across the region. 


Youths take wealthy Kuwait into Arab Spring
Kuwaiti opposition figures have been careful not to link the political unrest in the OPEC member state to the Arab Spring revolutions that have so far unseated four Arab leaders, noting that their campaign is not directed against the emir or the ruling 


Arabspring anti-Semitism is natural
New York Post (blog)
Just consider the treatment of women and minorities for a moment and you quickly understand that these socities could never establish the United Arab States. The more troubling issue is Goldberg’s inability to grasp why the Arab Spring is anti-Jewish. 


Elections in Morocco and Egypt: The harvest of the Arab Spring
Washington Post (blog)
The Associated Press reported: “The victory of an Islamist Party in Morocco’s parliamentary elections appears to be one more sign that religious-based parties are benefiting the most from the new freedoms brought by the Arab Spring

Arab spring: democracy or chaos?
Since the Arab Spring much of the chaos and instability hasn’t settled and many Egyptian are fed up with the lack of change since last February and have taken to the streets yet again. As for Libya since the fall of Gaddafi the country has been in left 


Arab Spring:conference,don’t be afraid of political Islam
This, in short, is the message sent out yesterday at the end of a study day dedicated to the Arab Spring and the future of Euro-Mediterranean partnership, which was organised by the French embassy in Italy and by the Ecole Francaise de Rome. 


King, German chancellor hold talks on Mideast peace, Arab Spring
Jordan Directions
His Majesty briefed the German leader on Jordan’s comprehensive reform agenda “based on solid grounds and a clear road map”, stressing that the Arab Spring is an opportunity to forge ahead with reform. In a joint press conference with Merkel, 


Karman galvanized Arab women in ‘Arab Spring
Arab American News
The Arab Spring bloomed in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, and it is on its way to blooming in Yemen and Syria. It is not going to stop there. It will spread to create a new Middle East, the one that we have been dreaming about forever.


Twitter buys secure communications company that helped hack the Arab Spring
Boing Boing
 Nov 28 Twitter has bought a company called Whisper Systems, who make a secure version of the Android operating system as well as suites of privacy tools that are intended to protect demonstrators, especially participants in the Arab spring …


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