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Arab spring News of the day : Dec 30, 2011

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Same old narratives challenge Arab Spring gains
The Daily Star
The Arab Spring was defined by the street.Now, as the dust begins to settle on a momentous year, observers are starting to question the spontaneity of the uprisings, exemplified so beautifully by the iconic image of the young Tunisian fruitseller
“Birth of Arab Spring” Celebrated in Tozeur
Tunisia Live
The theme of this year’s celebration was defined by the phrase, “Here the Arab Springwas born,” commemorating the wave of popular democratic uprisings in the Arabic-speaking world. Talented artists gathered in the southern-Tunisian city from Iran,
Arab spring leads surge in events captured on cameraphones
The Guardian
“That’s largely because of the Arab spring“, said Michele McNally, assistant managing editor for photography at the New York Times. “Most of the reporters are carrying smartphones because of the image quality of the cameras.

The Guardian
Spring‘ is long way off
Winnipeg Free Press
Unlike those who stubbornly persist in characterizing this movement as the Arab Spring, the better term to describe these Mideast political paroxysms is the more realistic Arab Firestorm. A political “spring” implies rebirth of the polity through the
Europe Assures Israel on Arab Islamists
CAIRO – Sensing a growing Israeli fears following the Arab Springelections that tipped Islamists to the top, Europe’s envoy to the Southern Mediterranean Bernardino Leon assured Israel over its future in the Middle East, bringing a calming message as
Arab stocks end 2011 with sharp losses due to uprisings, global woes
Monsters and
By Abdul Jalil Mustafa Dec 30, 2011, 13:31 GMT Amman – Arab stock markets suffered extensively in 2011 mainly due to the Arab Spring uprisings, global recovery concerns and the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, financial analysts said Friday.
Craig Hanson: Entrepreneurship is the next phase of the Arab Spring
San Jose Mercury News
But as the wars wind down, and the revolutions of the Arab Spring give millions of people the right to control their destiny, this economic engagement is emerging as the prescient and powerful hope for a “Spring” in US—Middle East relations.
Occupy Everywhere – by James Traub
Foreign Policy (blog)
In this year of protests, is it really fair to compare the grievances of the Occupy movement to the courage of the Arab Spring? BY JAMES TRAUB | DECEMBER 30, 2011 Around this time last year, foreign-policy pundits, including me, were writing about the
Arab Spring
Radiance Viewsweekly
After the dawn of the Arab Spring, Islam as a political force is fast gathering momentum in West Asia and North Africa. Following the recent elections, Islam has made its presence felt in Tunisia and Morocco. They have formed governments over there.
2011: Bin Laden and Arab spring in context
Paragould Daily Press
The question also frames the various Arab Spring 2011 revolts and to a degree the external and internal wars waged by Iran’s Islamic republic. Unfortunately, the revolutionaries, the ayatollahs, and the rest of us won’t know the answer for another four

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