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Arab spring News : June 29, 2012

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Analysis: Sudan rulers dig in as foes look for Arab Spring
KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Outside the University of Khartoum, riot police in blue fatigues perch on pickup trucks, keeping watch as young women in bright headscarves and men in button-down shirts walk by carrying.

Sudan police uses tear gas to disperse protest
Fox News
They also appeared to be inspired by Arab Spring uprisings in neighboring Egypt and Libya. Demonstrators demanded the removal of longtime Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Protests have taken place in different parts of Sudan for the past two weeks.

Will the ‘Elbow Lickers’ bring the Arab Spring to Sudan?
Twenty three years ago on June 30, President Omar Hassan Bashir took power in Sudan in a coup. This year, the day will mark three weeks of unprecedented demonstrations against his rule. Street protests have increasingly spread throughout Sudan in the 

Sudan police disperse hundreds of anti-regime protesters with tear gas
Washington Post
The protests were prompted by government’s austerity plan that slashed subsidies and doubled the price of fuel and food. They also appeared to be inspired by Arab Springuprisings in neighboring Egypt and Libya. Demonstrators demanded the removal of 

Islamists must cement democracy, novelist says
PARIS (Reuters) – Islamist governments which were swept to power in the Arab Springuprisings must ensure that democracy becomes firmly rooted across the region, novelist Amin Maalouf said on Friday.The.

‘The Arab Spring is Arab invention’ – Tunisian FM
The Arab Spring is not the result of western help, but a reaction to decades-long western support of authoritarian and despotic regimes in the region, Tunisian Foreign Affairs Minister Rafik Abdessalem told RT.

Sudan’s Would-Be Revolution, as Told in Photos
The Atlantic
Activists and enraged citizens are attempting to import the Arab Springwith “The Friday of Elbow Licking.”

The Atlantic
Sudan police teargas protesters in Khartoum suburb
Chicago Tribune
 on university campuses as mainly student-driven protests against government spending cuts have spread outside the capital in the past two weeks, with protesters chanting “The people want the downfall of the regime” – the refrain of last year’s Arab 

President al-Bashir feels heat from ‘Sudanese Spring
Read more: Hundreds tear gassed amid clampdown on Sudan protests. This is not the first sign of the Arab Spring in Sudan. Demonstrations last year were swiftly crushed, leaving citizens in no doubt they risked their lives if they challenged the 

Senior US official talks up investment in Tunisia
Hormats led a recent U.S. businesses delegation to Tunisia, where the Arab Springrevolts first began last year, and said he was impressed with what he heard and saw. Tunisia has traditionally looked to Europe for trade and investment, but Hormats said 



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