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Arab Spring News: Jul 30, 2012

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Arab Spring states revel in renewed pride at Olympics
LONDON (Reuters) – For most Olympians, the Games are a chance to show off their rare talents. For the Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian athletes, they are a chance to show the world a new chapter in their history after the Arab Spring revolutions. In Libya ..


In Tunisia, birthplace of Arab Spring, hardline Islam emerges as threat to …
Washington Post
In the birthplace of the Arab Spring, the transition from dictatorship to democracy has been mostly smoother than in neighboring countries, with no power-hungry military or armed militias to stifle the process. But as a moderate Islamist party rules with the help…


Al Qaeda’s Arab Comeback
Daily Beast
Al Qaeda has exploited the Arab Spring to create is largest safe havens and operational bases in more than a decade across the Arab world. In the 18 months since the Arab revolutions first began, al Qaeda has grown stronger, despite founder Osama bin ..


Prime Ministers of Arab Spring Countries Issue ‘Cairo Declaration’
Prime Ministers of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya issued at the end of their meeting on Sunday what they called the “Cairo Declaration”. Following their meeting at the Foreign Ministry headquarters, the three prime ministers emphasized the importance of continuing .


Moroccan king urges gov’t to tap Gulf Arab funds
An invitation last year for Arab kingdoms Morocco and Jordan to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) signalled that monarchies in the region were trying to strengthen their links in the face of the Arab Spring uprisings. In November, wealth funds from …


Arab spring countries consider cancellation of visa requirement
Arab spring countries consider cancellation of visa requirement. Sunday, 29 July 2012. Egyptian Minister of foreign affairs Mohammed Kamel Amr said on Sunday that Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are considering visa-free travel for their citizens. (Reuters) …



Barring an act of God or an Arab-Spring-style revolution, incumbent Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev will almost certainly be reelected for athird term in the election due in October 2013. That near certainty is, however, unlikely to deter the opposition Public ..



Egypt court move suspends constitution row
The adjournment of a battle that has overshadowed one of the main components of Egypt’s transition to democracy after the Arab Springuprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak could give the current constitutional assembly time to complete its work. That would …


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