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Arab Spring News : Jul 27, 2012

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Mitt Romney: Arab Spring Could’ve Been Avoided By Bush’s ‘Freedom Agenda’
Huffington Post
In an interview with the right-wing Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom, Mitt Romney said that the Arab Spring might never have happened had Bush’s “freedom agenda” not been prematurely halted by President Barack Obama. “President [George W.] Bush

Romney: Obama Abandoning Bush Agenda Caused Arab Spring
New York Magazine
(A slight variation on the Bush-was-right theme came from former Karl Rove aide Pete Wehner who, torn between his love of Bush and hatred for Obama, proclaimed that the Arab Spring was happening because of Bush and despite Obama’s lack of support 

New York Magazine
Mitt Romney: Arab Spring Bad, Obama’s Fault
Lez Get Real
Simply put, if President Barack Obama not abandoned Bush’s “freedom agenda”, theArab Spring would not have happened. Of course, the fact that every President in half a century had been urging Mubarak to abandon his totalitarian grip on power and 

For the United States, Arab Spring Raises Question of Values Versus Interests
New York Times (blog)
CAIRO — Barack Obama came here as a new president in 2009 to proclaim “a new beginning” in American relations with the Muslim world, grounded in support for the dream of Arab democracy and “governments that reflect the will of the people.” 

New York Times (blog)
The Arab Spring has transformed into the Kurdish Spring
Hurriyet Daily News
Are you aware, the “Arab Spring” that we fervently support has completely transformed into a “Kurdish Spring”? There is a strange situation both in Iraq and in Syria: Arabs are fighting each other, people are dying. The Kurds are taking one more step on their 

Is Syria Falling into the Hands of Al-Qaeda?
Gatestone Institute
The “Arab Spring” in Syria, which began as a popular and non-violent uprising against Bashar Assad’s regime, has been hijacked by Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist organizations. In the past few weeks, thousands of bearded Muslim fundamentalists from 

Dubai police chief ‘accuses Brotherhood of plots’
The Brotherhood, which is the emerging force in the Arab world after theArab Spring uprisings, “met people from the Gulf and discussed toppling Gulf regimes,” Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan was quoted as saying by the Emarat al-Youm 

A promising ‘hybrid’ theater
A promising ‘hybrid’ theater. Two plays by Anglo-Iraqi writers offer London audiences an opportunity to experience close-up the ironies and dangers of the Arab Spring they may only have heard about in the news media. Jul.27, 2012 | 10:20 AM 

Kazazian: Turkish ‘Leadership’ or Censorship?
Armenian Weekly
The Arab Spring, the Green Revolution in Iran, President Obama’s historic bid for office in 2008—all are key examples of how the internet can be used as a game-changing social and political tool. internet protest 300×150 Kazazian: Turkish ‘Leadership’ or 

Armenian Weekly



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