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Algeria’s Winter Of Discontent

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The Algerian regime faces tough decisions this winter as it copes with falling revenue and low oil prices. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has called the situation “worrisome” and is pushing Saudi Arabia to cut its oil production to force prices up.

The last Arab republic without an Arab Spring, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is one of the most opaque police states in the world. At 77, Bouteflika is serving his fourth term despite suffering from a stroke in 2013. He rarely appears in public and often travels to France for health reasons. Behind the scenes, the army’s generals and the intelligence chief wield enormous power and are referred to as “le pouvoir.” Decision-making is a mystery. (more…)

Maghreb news 2014-12-29

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Terrorism | 2014-12-29
Daesh claims Belaid, Brahmi murders
An Islamic State fighter from Tunisia issues a direct threat to his country. (more…)

Morocco Hunts Daesh Cell


Daesh cell

Moroccan authorities on Saturday (December 27th) carried out an anti-terror operation in the port city of Mohammedia, Au Fait Maroc reported.

The raid on the shantytowns of Sidi Moussa Ben Ali, Harbili, Douar Ouled El Merza and Beni Khaless came after 15 men and one woman left the region without word, presumably to join up with Islamic State (ISIS) militants fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Morocco Predicts 2015 Job Growth

By Hassan Benmehdi in Casablanca
for Magharebia

 An employee works at an aeronautical factory in Nouaceur, Morocco. The demand for aviation jobs will be high in 2015, according to a study on employment

An employee works at an aeronautical factory in Nouaceur, Morocco. The demand for aviation jobs will be high in 2015, according to a study on employment

The demand for workers will be high in multiple sectors, a new study finds.

More than 103,000 new jobs will be created in Morocco’s private sector in 2015, according to a new study released on Thursday (December 25th).

Offshoring, the automotive and aviation industries will account for around 40% of the private-sector jobs, the employment ministry’s diagnostic report found. (more…)

Morocco Wants Rabat And Casablanca To Become “Global Destinations”

The Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development (SMIT) aims at making Rabat and Casablanca “global destinations” and to spend about MAD 18 billion to develop rural tourism notwithstanding the economic crisis.

In a report issued at its Supervisory Board meeting in Rabat on December 22, the Moroccan agency disclosed that investment in Morocco’s tourism industry in 2014 amounted to $2 billion. This is “despite economic crisis,” said Lahcen Haddad, the Minister of Tourism. (more…)

Morocco’s Economy On Track For Growth

Borzou Daragahi
Financial Times

Morocco's money

Morocco may be entering a growth phase, after a seven-year period during which its economy struggled but avoided the turmoil that has affected some of its Arab neighbors.

Having previously notched up double-digit growth rates, the North African country was hit in close succession by the global financial crisis, the 2011 Arab uprisings and prolonged weakness among its European trading partners. (more…)

Morocco Eyes LNG Options For New Plant

Christopher Coats, Contributor

LNG model

For years, Morocco has moved to diversify an energy diet that was overly dependent on costly and unsustainable energy imports. As the largest importer of oil and gas in North Africa, Morocco has been saddled with expensive and occasionally unstable options. In recent years, the country has moved to broaden its energy resource base with new oil and gas exploration and renewable energy support. Now, at a cost of $4.6 billion, Morocco is moving towards a future that will include liquefied natural gas into the mix, allowing a greater choice of global prices and reliability in comparison to traditional pipeline projects. (more…)

Five Arrested In Morocco On ‘Terror’ Charges

The Daily Star
Middle East

Five arrested

Morocco has indicted five people on charges of plotting “terrorist acts” and belonging to an illegal religious group, the official MAP news agency said on Monday.

The suspects were referred to the prosecutor who leveled the charges against them ahead of their trial, it said without adding when the first hearing will be held. (more…)

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