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Child killer sentenced to death in Morocco


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Rabat, Morocco – A Moroccan man convicted of abducting, raping and killing a two-year-old girl has been sentenced to death, the official MAP news agency reported on Friday.

The 30-year-old man, himself the father of a little girl, was also ordered to pay the toddler’s family 200 000 dirhams (about R240 000) in compensation, according to the verdict issued Thursday. (more…)

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Morocco focuses on middle class housing

Moroccan officials and developers have a plan to increase housing units, but the move comes at a steeper price for aspiring homeowners.


Tunisians face political uncertainty, terror spike

Anti-government protests continue amid growing fears of terrorism. (more…)

The meagre harvest of Arab revolution​s


Political instability that rocked economies is the main reason for the narrow gains of the Arab Spring revolutions, though two years is too short a time to judge the final outcome, writes Abu Bakr Al-Dessouki

When the Arab Spring revolutions erupted two years ago they ignited people’s hopes for a better future, one in which justice, freedom and dignity would prevail after decades of dictatorship and degradation. The Arab peoples were not lured to revolution by enticements from abroad or ambitions at home. They were driven by concern for their countries, which had fallen into the grips of corruption and nepotism, and by sympathy for all those whose dignity had been trampled as they struggled to procure the wherewithal for a decent life while all privileges and major opportunities were reserved for those who enjoyed the patronage of the authorities. (more…)

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Al-Qaeda devises Sahel strategy

Al-Qaeda continues recruiting efforts in Arab Spring countries, especially among young people who “felt their revolutions were stolen”, a Maghreb analyst says.


Terrorism settles in Tunisian cities

In parallel with the political crisis that Tunisia is experiencing, terrorism is aggravating the situation by transcending borders and settling within cities. (more…)

Kerry to visit Morocco early November

US Secretary of State will visit North African country for first time since being appointed chief US diplomat.
Middle East Online

First visit to Morocco as US Secretary of State

RABAT – US Secretary of State John Kerry is to visit Morocco in early November during a tour of the Maghreb region, a diplomatic source said on Thursday.

Kerry’s first visit to the North African country since being appointed chief US diplomat will take place on November 7 and 8, the source said, requesting anonymity. (more…)

How the Polisario Raises Tension in Western Sahara

Polisario Confidential

by Khalid Ibrahim Khaled


Media and foreign observers have become accustomed to see tension rising up in the Western Sahara whenever Western parliamentary delegations or observers are visiting the region.

And of course there was no exception during the latest trip of the UN mediator for the Sahara, Christopher Ross, who refrained from making any statement neither on his consultations nor on the unrest that erupted during his visit to Laayoune and Smara. (more…)

Tangiers Petroleum shares boosted by growing interest in Morocco exploratio​n

Proactive Investors UK

Tangiers Petroleum

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Tangiers is an ASX listed exploration company which has a portfolio of two potentially world class oil and gas assets located in Morocco and Australia. Tangiers Moroccan assets include the highly prospective Tarfaya offshore block. In Australia, assets include the significant Nova and Super Nova gas prospects located offshore… (more…)

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Years after Kadhafi death, Libya fears grow
As Libya prepares to mark its liberation anniversary, citizens say the state has “lost control” of security.

Tunisia kills top terrorist
Tunisian security forces just killed an Ansar al-Sharia member implicated in the murder of two top opposition politicians.

Morocco youths demand improvements to politics
Young Moroccans complain that political figures devote more time to sparring than governance. (more…)

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