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Arab Spring News: August 31, 2012

Turkey’s appeal for safe zone in Syria sputters

Arab Springs of the southern front

Erlich to speak on Arab Spring at SDSU

Arab Spring forces Bozar to postpone two exhibitions

The surprising beauty of today’s Arab democracy

Back to its Roots: Hamas and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Book review: The Arab World Unbound, by Vijay Mahajan

Schedule of Events for Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 September (more…)

Morocco Reiterates Support For UN Efforts To Settle Sahara Issue

Morocco reiterates support for UN efforts to settle Sahara issueTeheran – Morocco reiterated, on Friday, its support for the UNSG’s efforts to reach a negotiated political solution to the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, on the basis of clear-cut criteria.

Minister delegate for foreign affairs Youssef Amrani said, in a speech before the 16th summit of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) held in Teheran, that these criteria rest on the Moroccan autonomy initiative, termed as serious and credible. (more…)

Photoshoot: Beautiful Kareena Kapoor and her stunning close-ups

Kareena Kapoor looks sensuous in these close-up pictures
By Sonali Kumar

Photoshoot: Beautiful Kareena Kapoor and her stunning close-ups


She’s got the looks!…a stunning face, expressive eyes, and a gorgeous pout. Yes, that’s Kareena Kapoor for you. The actress hasn’t shot for any magazine in recent times, but has done a very stunning photoshoot for the filmy magazine Filmfare. These images are shot in Morocco, and have very little to do with fashion; they’re just about Kareena’s beauty, and her radiance. (more…)

Three Irish arrested in Spain

Spanish police seize 500kg of cannabis on Irish yacht

Spanish police seize 500kg of cannabis on Irish yacht


A Cork couple and another Irishman have been arrested by Spanish police following the seizure of €6 million worth of drugs on board an Irish yacht.

One of the men is in his late 50s and from the southside of Cork city and the woman who is in her late 50s and from Carrigaline. (more…)

Kennedy clan on wrong side of Moroccan human-rights battle

The Daily Caller

By Richard Miniter

Two scions of the Kennedy clan went to Morocco recently and came away with a breathless tale of police brutality against separatists. The problem? The separatists represent the Polisario Front, a brutal rebel group linked to al-Qaida and drug smugglers.

Their first-hand account, which was published by The Huffington Post, doesn’t mention that their radical chic tour continued to the Polisario Front’s remote Saharan camps in Southern Algeria, where the rebels used the naïve Kennedy women for all the propaganda value they could wring out of them. (more…)

Sahel: les camps de Tindouf déstabilisent la région


écrit par: Frédéric Powelton Publié le: 30 août 2012

Un rapport du Centre international pour les études sur le terrorisme a été présenté à l’occasion d’une conférence placée sous le thème « Coopération internationale pour la lutte antiterroriste » au National Press Club de Washington D.C. Il a attiré l’attention des participants sur les dangers que représentent les camps de Tindouf, au sud-ouest de l’Algérie, pour la sécurité et le développement du Sahel.Des milliers de sahraouis sont retenus dans ces camps par le Front Polisario. Fragilisés par les conditions de détention, ils constituent une cible de choix pour les recruteurs des mouvements terroristes, en tête desquels vient AQMI comme le révèle le rapport intitulé (more…)

Recevant une délégation de la Fondation Robert Kennedy


El Yazami met en avant l’adhésion volontaire du Royaume du Maroc au système des droits de l’Homme# Le président du Conseil national des droits de l’Homme (CNDH), Driss El Yazami, a mis en avant l’adhésion volontaire du Maroc, en tant que pays d’ouverture, au système des droits de l’Homme, soulignant que le Royaume était tenu, de ce fait, de respecter tous ses engagements internationaux. (more…)


The Associated Press BY EDITH M. LEDERER

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Turkey’s foreign minister will urge the Security Council on Thursday to set up a safe zone in Syria to protect thousands of civilians fleeing the civil war, but his appeal is almost certain to go nowhere given the deep divisions in the U.N.’s most powerful body.

With military action escalating and the death count rising, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and ministers from other countries bordering Syria are flying to New York to call for council action to address the growing humanitarian crisis inside and outside the country. (more…)

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